Ruisrock festival day 1

So it is. The long-awaited Ruisrock festival is now over. On both days, Friday and Sturday, the tickets were sold out which meant there were 35,000 festivalgoers running around each day. That's enough to lose your friends or queue for the toilets - and pretty much anywhere you wanted to go - for at least half an hour. Anyhow, these two days were enriching in both the good and the bad. More in the good, of course!

I quickly checked out a Finnish singer Erin and a Swedish band called Mando Diao, but the first band I really queued for and was eager to see was Bastille. They played and performed really well and because they started at 8.00 PM I even got a few good shots of them. Woo! Then I went to see Example but didn't stay for a long time despite my good place, because I found their show slightly boring. I would rather sit down and rest before the last gigs. I didn't even have to sit down for a long time and there were already some locals around me with whom I chatted for some time.

After meeting my parents I scurried as fast as I could to the stage where The Offspring would be playing. It was too little, too late as the front was already packed with plenty of fans. I met some girls even shorter than me, so we squeezed together just a bit closer to the stage. Well, that happened to be a VERY BAD CHOICE because we got to be the "walls" of a mosh pit. Could you imagine a worse place? I couldn't. I had to wiggle my way backwards in order to stay on my feet. That's why I didn't really get any photos of The Offspring. But what was sweet was that some guy offered piggyback rides so I could see much better from the back. Festival people can also be lovely, thank you so much!

Last but not least it was time for David Guetta! He really made the ground move with his music (The venue ground is all clay and the bass makes it bounce up and down) The lights, the confetti and bass was everything we needed for a perfect little party.

Just to ensure you guys festivals aren't glitzy and glamourous, I would like to tell you about our nice taxi queue which was three hours long. Approximately there went 2-6 taxis in one hour. You can only imagine all the angry people who were fed up with the waiting. We got to our hotel safely, but it was already 5 AM. I could just kiss goodbye to my good night's sleep. As if being awake for 22 hours weren't enough, it would be time for another long festival day the following day.

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