Shopping guide for NYC

New York is massive city with endless shopping possibilities, which is why it might seem frustrating to find the perfect places to shop. I was confused before we left, because I only knew where the high end shops were located and the fact that there were some shops all over Times Square. Despite the research I did with the help of Google and a millions of similar-looking keywords, I couldn't clearly find a list of shops that the streets had. So I present you this shopping guide!

This is a bustling street right in the centre of Manhattan, a few blocks away from Times Square. Its nearest subway stops are Herald Square and Penn StationI found this amazing site where you can see the full directory of all the shops on the street, including their addresses! But these ones listed below might be the ones you're looking for, presuming you're a young woman. Oh, and in that case, the three-storey Victoria's Secret store will also be a must see even if you aren't going to buy anything in there! The world's largest Macy's store is something you shouldn't forget to check out if you step in New York. Especially before Christmas the little decorations and jolly lights in the showcases are just dazzling.

It was funny how we only had about one hour until our departure to the airport and I realized I had only seen Macy's from the outside! Off we went to the crowded undergr- I mean subway and so we were moving forward slow but steady. Apparently there was a track construction ahead, which was slowing down our speed significantly. Just our luck! I already thought we wouldn't make it to Macy's and back at time. We did get to the store and I even bought a pair of shoes because they felt amazing even though they had heels. Must have been one of the most random things during our trip. Well, at least visiting Macy's for the last time wasn't in vain.

I was surprised when I stepped into Forever 21 at Times Square. It was so big! 4 huge floors full of clothes and accessories for both boys and girls. I must have forgotten that everything is big in New York even though it might not look like it from the outside. Having said that, I found it nicer to shop at the Forever 1 at West 34th Street because they had more sizes over there. Anyway, at Times Square you can find for example Hershey's, Forever 21, Toys'R'Us, H&M, Disney Store, Sephora, Levi's, Express, American Eagle, Aeropostale, M&M's World, U.S. Polo and Walgreens.

Alright, I think it's time to go to have a good rest before the new week so good night everyone! These shopping posts will be continued shortly.