A Few Words about Monaco

Oh, Monaco. The place famous for its Grand Prix, Louis Vuittons and expensive yachts. We spent our first Saturday of our language trip in this very place. It was kind of weird to go to Monaco, because of a funny little coincidence: we visited Monaco already in May with my family!

Nevertheless, I had an awesome time in Monaco again. I got to do things I didn't have time for last time, such as visiting a beautiful shopping centre and exploring the exotic gardens. We were simply eating our little snacks on a bench in the garden, which overlooked the sea. It was just breathtakingly beautiful.

Those seagulls came across pretty disturbing, because they were extremely tame and were standing right next to us... ugh

Anyway, feeling a bit busy as high school started again last week... There's so much to do again!

I'm really happy now that I'm part of our local newspaper's youth. This means I'll get to experience the everyday life of journalists, write some articles for the newspaper and also decide some of the contents of the daily paper. Yay!

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