First video from France - rainy days, crazy rides and dancing

My blog has been dead for a while, so I decided it's time to revive it a bit by making a little video.The first video I've ever edited... Every day was full of different kinds of activities, new words and new places. Not to mention new friends! Since our journey lasted for 24 days, you can only imagine how little this video tells about our trip. My "good night's sleep" was approximately 6 hours a day because there was so much to see and do...

Anyway, here it is!


1. Our home town Saint Raphaël 
This is where our school, discos, beach and evening activies were. Click here to read more!
We were offered access to the EF lounge, which had computers, nintendos, board games and other kinds of activities for us. The lounge was in the school's area and we could spend time there with our new friends after school (mon-fri 12.00-->) I didn't really feel like spending time there because it was boiling hot outside and the beach was close. However, on one of the last days in Saint Raphaël I decided to check it out!

2. Cannes
The city that is famous for its movie festivals! I made a post about the weird art of Cannes earlier on. Click here to read about it. 
To be honest, it wasn't that special. But of course it was fun! We went shopping and saw the place where the celebrities go for their film festival. Something that I won't forget, though, is the bus ride to Cannes. It was the only day of our language course when it rained. And boy did it rain! It was raining cats and dogs and there was lightning in the sky. Many people found it quite scary because the bus was driving high in the mountains, right next to the edge where the sea was.

3. Luna Park 
After reading all the 2/5 reviews on the internet, we wanted to test this amusement park ourselves. All I can say is that it wasn't extremely fun. On the other hand, we didn't really have high expectations about it. There were a few rides that didn't seem to be very secure. All the bumping around hurt my neck. But I don't regret it, not at all! In fact, I returned to Luna Park with some Italian friends just to enjoy the ambiance.