Not-So-Safe Rides in Luna Park, Fréjus

All the talk about Luna Park in Fréjus on the internet was true. It wasn't a glorious amusement park with a great number of safe rides. My friends and I had a good time there, although we all agreed on one thing: the whole place was a total rip off and the rides were lacking safety.

Olympic City was probably the only ride that felt secure, haha! It surprised us by strawberry-smelling gas and its canopy which appeared right above our heads during the ride. By the way, You can check out the video of Luna Park over here. Now let's go on to the more ferocious rides.

Loop Zone has to be one most awful rides on which I've ever been. I was screaming like the last day for the whole time. It really goes 360 degrees and even stops for a while when upside down! Magic Mountain would have been alright if our necks had not been banging against the seats all the time... Especially while being upside down, the ride felt very insecure. UFO Speed was something I did not try myself. My friends tried it, however, and they weren't that excited about it. People stand inside small cabins while the ride spins in an upright position. My friends told me you had to hold on to the barriers extremely tight if you  didn't want to be flung back and forth. Ouch.

Last but not least is paintball! I was in two minds whether to play or not but I decided to watch the Italian's game instead. The suits and masks and everything looked fun! As a conclusion, I'd say Luna Park is really expensive seeing what it offers. One ride cost 2-5 euros. Luckily there are some discount vouchers for the rides that you can easily find from different kinds of shops and restaurants nearby. Better luck next time, I suppose! This summer I'm going to Linnanmäki amusement park in Helsinki as I haven't visited it for some years.

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  1. Näyttää tosi ihanalle ja kivalle:) ja vitsit on kiva lukee englanniks blogia, tykkään kyllä! Jäinkin seurailemaan sua, kun tykästyin blogiis<3

    1. Oi kiitos paljon! :) Joutuuhan tuota välillä miettimään ku kirjottaa englanniks, mut ihan hyvin on sujunu haha!