13 festival essentials

Now some of you must be thinking why I'm listing 13 things and not 10 or 15, both of which would be more logical than 13. I just came up with 13 even though I tried hard to find 15. And because I learned some of these things the hard way, I thought I'd make your lives easier and make a list of essential and not-so-essential necessities you might want to bring with you in order to make your day just a bit better. These are my necessities for a festival!

1. Hat/scarf 
A scarf could come in handy as a protector against heatstrokes worn on your head, but if you don't mind it getting a bit dirty, it could also serve as a seat pad. Not bad!

2. Light weight cardigan or jacket
Even if it's hot during the daytime, the nights will feel colder after the sun has set.

3. Pen
Why? Because you never know you'll bump into at the festival. The best case scenario is that you meet some of your favourite bands and you would want an autograph. Alternatively, you might meet a nice person and want his or her name and phone number written down quickly.

4. Disinfectant/wipes
Goes without saying that a portable toilet won't be the most hygienic place in the world, therefore it will feel good to clean your hands with something.

5. Toilet paper
Probably the most important one to remember, because those portables might be lacking toilet paper. And they definitely won't have any when we get closer to midnight.

6. Cash
It's best to use cash as some of the sellers might not accept credit cards. Cash is always the safest way to go - that is if you keep it far away from the pickpockets' hands! - and since you have a budget, you won't overspend. Win win!

7. Camera + extra battery
Perhaps it's not the brightest idea to bring your good SLR camera but do consider something that is easy to carry around. Phones nowadays have good cameras too, but it can be easier to take photos on a camera.

8. Bottle/something to drink
Dehydration sure doesn't sound like a good idea!

9. Small snack
In case the queues for food stalls are unbearable and you're on the verge of fainting, it's good to have a little something with you. Crisps, peanuts, fruits and even sweets are great options.

10. Ear plugs 
To protect your ears, of course. I must confess: I haven't been using these little yellow things at all. I just kind of forgot them even though I had them with me all the time.

11. Something crazy or flowery
Because you can! Just for the fun of wearing something you wouldn't normally wear. It's fun to see people dressed up colourfully - it creates the perfect festival atmosphere.

12. Backpack
Somewhere to keep all of this stuff... what would be handier than a backpack? Make sure it's tightened and doesn't bounce around when you jump!

13. Sunglasses
It's always nice to see the performance even if the sun was shining right into your eyes.

Also bringing other items like your mobile, keys and ticket is obligatory, of course.
I hope you guys enjoy your festivals! x

And just to keep you updated, I received some really bad news from my old French teacher. She told us that our sponsored trip to France has been cancelled due to some financial problems. I was gutted since I had been waiting for the trip like for ever. Now that I just got 10 extra days to my holiday,  we booked a three-day trip to Tallinn with two of my lovely friends. I guess that compensates it a bit. It will be a low-cost trip, so if you're a budget traveller, stay tuned!

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  1. Great tips though I don't go to festivals. What a shame your trip to France... Have fun in Tallinn!

    1. Thanks! I know right...I just had bad luck with me this time :/