University got me like...

...Wow, my index finger's nail is significantly shorter than the others, better file down all my nails.
...Why do I hear typing noises in this lecture? Am I missing something vital? Help?!
...Let's put on some music and get my 3000-word literature assignment done. Wait, what's that word in Swedish? Ah, amazing, I'm learning new words in Swedish, haven't studied it for ages! 
...So, today I'm gonna study the whole day long (=get up at 12:30, have lunch, cry over a guy, cry because you realised you're being such a drama queen, go out with friends to make yourself feel better)
...Skipping classes because you have so many things to do, but realizing you're having even more difficulties after skipping classes.
...Thinking about cleaning your rubbish bin thoroughly because it just seems more important than classifying modifiers and describers.
...The suns out! What a wonderful day to sit inside, study and feel like a bloody prisoner in his jail.
...Wanting to deepen your knowledge in English and French, but not being able to, because your 3000-word literature assignment is constantly haunting you at the back of your mind
...The inspiration to write this very blog post, when you should be something completely different. As always.
...Finally realising you're good something and that's procrastinating.

1. CAKES! Finally having coffee instead of wine. 2. Tried on some new makeuppp 3.Barrio de las letras is super beautiful!

That's my life lately. Not even that many deadlines, but a good amount of stress; probably because I sincerely have no idea how to carry out academic assignments, and even less in Spanish. Like, hold on, I didn't even speak this language four years ago? But I'm glad I'm making progress - even if I don't always stop to think about it.

I have many posts in my drafts, but they're all lacking photos and/or translations, so I've just kept them hanging on. Anywayyyy just came to drop these words to you guys, hope you've all been well!