My Weird And Sad Experience with Manchester

I'm excited to tell you guys about my trip to Ireland & England! I thought I'd start with Manchester, where the people seemed to have a somewhat... unique way to be polite, at least judging by my three encounters:

-at Piccadilly train station-

"Oi! Your not allowed to have a bobble hat and use your phone there!" 
Wait, what? Err... haha?
"Take a seat, take a seat!"

-at a fish n chips restaurant-

"Well doesn't that fish look GORGEOUS!"
Yup, I agree. Why are you stating it, though, all the way from the other table.
Isn't it, it's really delicious!

My GORGEOUS dish, which was pretty damn tasty, to be honest.

-early morning in Gay Village-

"Miss, miss, saw you had a nice camera, could you take a photo of us?"
Umm...they're three homeless men. No, just... no. What would you do?
Sorry guys, I'm not gonna take a picture of you. 
"Miss, I insist. You'd get a nice photo of us bums and our tents."
I'm sorry, have a nice day...

My relaxing 5 o'clock cuppa when it was too cold to stay outside. Trying out mango-strawberry tea.
Then let's go over to the sad part of my experience. John Rylands Library was closed between Christmas and New Year, so I didn't get to see that. Shit. They've also stopped doing underground tours for now, so I couldn't explore the tunnels of the city. I did visit the Science Museum, which seemed cool, but I didn't stay there for more than one hour because it was full of screaming kids. It was so cold I practically ran to the hostel around 5 PM, hands all frozen, and stayed in contemplating the meaning of life (actually watching Outnumbered on netflix) Sad, eh?

However, there were lots of things I enjoyed, like strolling down the streets, discovering vintage shops in the alternative Northern Quarter, shopping (which I NEVER usually do while I'm travelling but they have River Island!!) drinks and chats with another solo-traveller and, last but not least, eating. The latter included scrumptious Indian food, the original fish n chips and my childhood favourites like salt&vinegar crisps, monster munches and wispa! Manchester was a lively city full of contrasts in architecture. But like I already said to a fellow traveler; it's probably a nice city to live in but there isn't really much to see for a tourist. 

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