Secret underground tunnels in Tallinn

Before we left for Tallinn I decided that I definitely want to see Patarei prison, which is full of information about the horrible conditions prisoners were kept in and the executions and the secret tunnels of Kiek in de Kök. Because both attractions needed groups consisting of at least 5 people, we couldn't go to the prison. But I was fine with it, because it meant we would have plenty of time to see these supercool tunnels instead.

The entrance of the tunnels, which are better known as the Bastion Tunnels, was beneath the museum of Kiek in de Kök, which I already talked about in a previous post. So we headed to the museum at one o'clock, as agreed, and got started with our guided tour in Finnish. Before entering the tunnel itself, we moved into a dark room where we watched a short movie shedding light on the history of Estonia. It was good to know basic facts and turning points of the history, so that we could better understand the meaning of the tunnels. I'm no history expert by any means but I'll let you know that the tunnels were long used as a way of transporting things in the 17th century and hiding people up until the 80s. Rumour has it that homeless people still wander in the tunnels.

And what made the tour so interesting? It wasn't only about walking under the ground. Our guide was unique and funny; it was interesting to hear about the strict trading policy from the era when Estonia was part of Soviet Union. We saw several videos on the same subject as well as life-like dummies portraying the different eras. All in all, the whole experience was pretty spectacular. I really recommend going to this place if you're staying in Tallinn!

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