Visiting Tallinn on a budget

Getting to Tallinn
I know a lot of you followers behind the screens are Finns, so you've probably been to Tallinn already and know how all the ferries. I noticed that Lindaline is currently the cheapest ferry if you're looking for a transport to the other side of the gulf, not a party yacht. They've also got the shortest travel time by sea! Lindaline is the most reasonable option from Helsinki to Tallinn, if there are no discounts within other companies.

The cheapest flights to Tallinn (within Europe) are operated by Ryanair. They fly from Oslo, Dublin, Manchester, London, Bremen, Dusseldorf and Milan.

If you're coming from Russia, you'll might want to choose the train. At least Moscow and St. Petersburg have fairly quick connections to Tallinn.

The cheapest option must be accommodating in a hostel, if you rule out the option of staying at a friend. My friends and I stayed in a place called Red Emperor and I was very pleased with the service. Cheap prices, clean rooms, functioning showers, great location and friendly staff - what more could you even ask for?  So that this wouldn't sound like a marketing speech, I'll just leave it here and advise you to find a perfect accommodation in the link below. Adjust the price range as low as possible and the rating as high as possible in order to find your hostel with a great value for money!


There are quite a lot of attractions where you can get for free or for only a couple of euros. For example, these places are completely free and will keep you busy for a day or two!

1. Old town & its viewing platforms
2. Kadriorg park
3. Pirita beach
4. the Russian market Balti Jaam
5. St. Catherine's passage
6. Song Festival Grounds
7. Patarei prison
8. City gallery

If you're planning on visiting many sights and moving around Tallinn, you'll might want to purchase a Tallinn card which will allow you to enter lots of sights as well as use the public transport for free. Also, many of the attractions in Tallinn have joint tickets, which are usually cheaper.


Getting around
Buses, trolley buses and trams are available throughout Tallinn and you can easily get from the passenger port, airport and railway station right to the centre even without a taxi. The prices aren't that high, since students pay €0.80 for one ticket and adults €1.60. I have a student card with an ID and if you do too, you'll only have to show your card to the driver to get the discount ticket. Of course there are other options such as SmartCards where you load tickets or e-tickets which can be purchased on the internet.

Prices and general:

Transport timetables:

Bus, trolley bus and tram lines:

Both restaurants and supermarkets are quite cheap in Estonia, to my mind, so if you choose wisely either one can be an inexpensive choice. One of the most cheapest restaurants is called St. Patrick's and there are at least five of them around the town. I've got to say that the food at St. Patrick's certainly wasn't the best I've eaten, but it was okay. Especially looking at the prices and considering their wide menu, which has something for everyone, this place is pretty alright!

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