Plans for New York City

Hey guys! Sorry for the massive break in my blog posts. It feels as if during summer I was blogging every other day and now the pace is more like every other month. But no worries, I will get a grip of myself, since there are no matriculation exams or other stressful factors in my life, and continue this happy blogging.

I have been excited and looking forward to our trip to New York, which will be my first trip ever to America. Since I don't know when or whether I'll be returning to New York, I decided to listen to my father's advice and plan a little what I'll want to see and do. We are staying for a week, so we'll have to see what we have time to do, of course.

1. Statue of Liberty
2. Broadway
3. Museum of Modern Art
4. Top of the Rock observation deck
5. Hershey's
6. Harlem
7. Bronx + Bronx Zoo
8. Central Park
9. Brooklyn Bridge + Promenade

10. 9/11 Memorial & Museum
11. The High Line
12. Little Italy
13. Grafiti at 5Pointz Aerosol Center
14. Rockefeller Center Christmas tree
15. Times Square 
16. Roosevelt Island Tramway
17. The Cloisters
18. Staten Island Mall

We'll have to see whether we have enough time to do eveything or if we end up doing all of this. Extempore "plans" (not sure if I can call them plans when they aren't planned) are the best that can happen during a trip so making a full timetable isn't really the best idea. Still, I'm hoping to visit a few museums, several boroughs and go shopping and eating great food!
What are your must places in New York?

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5 kommenttia:

  1. Looks like so much fun! When are you heading to NY? Hope you'll have a great trip and waiting for some pics and stories about it!

    1. Ok, found it already, at the end of November... :)

    2. Thank you! It will definitely be a different kind of experience. I totally forgot to mention the date cause I got so carried away, but great that you found it :) On the 29th of November

    3. Hei! Ihana blogi sulla. Kävin tänä syksynä ekaa kertaa New Yorkissa. Ehdoton suosikki oli Central Park. Voih, siellä on niin paljon näkemistä ja tekemistä. Olimme kolme päivää siellä ennen kuin jatkettiin länteen ja mentiin aamusta iltaan ympäri kaupunkia! :)

    4. Voi kiitos! :) Oonkin kuullu, että Central Park on tosi ihana, pitää siis käydä siellä:D New Yorkista ei varmasti lopu tekeminen, niin saa nähä mitä kaikkea ehtii sitten kokemaan!