Chicago musical & great dining at Times Square

On our fourth evening in New York, we went to see the Chicago musical. I've always been interested in theater and performing arts, so it was really exciting to see a legendary show in one of the most famous places in the world - Broadway. We didn't book tickets for the first nights just so that we wouldn't doze off during the show... Now that would have been a shame, to miss half of a show you've paid for!

I've got no pictures of the show since photographing was prohibited, which was, of course, comprehensible. Sadly, I have to say the show didn't fully meet my expectations. I had imagined the hall and stage huge, but they were quite small, after all. The first row was only about one meter away from the stage! I think that tells a lot.

But it certainly wasn't the size of the theater that left me feeling empty. I was a bit disappointed with the simple plot, which contained absolutely no turning points or excitement. I expected a bit more glamour. The performance was lacking props too! To be honest, there wasn't any set pieces if we don't count the actors' costumes and a few chairs. A bit too minimalist for  me. But I do praise the actors; they were talented and sang extremely well. The dancing was spectacular also, of course. I'm afraid all these things didn't make up for the dull story - if ever there was one. I think it would have been better to see a Disney musical, such as Aladdin, on Broadway but I this wasn't exactly waste of time either.

Just a New Yorker police on a horse in the middle of Times Square!

After doing some serious shopping, we went dining in a colourful restaurant called Planet Hollywood. It's famous for its decoration which includes authentic set pieces from different movies. For example. there were big aeroplanes hanging above us and a costume from Hangover 3 in a showcase. My brother and I had classic American hamburgers at this place: a ridiculously huge steak with some cheese, bacon and onions. And to finish it off, I ordered an Oreo milkshake for dessert. I had been looking for a good old American milkshake the whole of our trip, so I was more than pleased to get this. It must have been one of the best milkshakes I've tried!

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  1. Hei, toi on se ratsupoliisi Madagascar-leffasta, kun se seepra kysyy tietä sinne juna-asemalle! :D

    1. Hahah, hitsi ku en muista tätä leffaa! Pitääpä kattoo uudestaan :D

    2. Ainakin video youtubessa nimeltä Madagascar Sped up part 2 (en osaa linkittää tällä tabletilla) ja siinä n. 1.45 eteenpäin... :D

    3. HAHA ei vitsi, niin onkin! Melkein samassa kohikin otettu toi kuva :P