5 Things To Do in Monaco-Ville

That's me, my little brother and my step sister!

Our first stop was at a palace were the changing of the guard took place at 11:55. The Prince's Palace is right on top of the mountain and was built in the 12th century so it's pretty old. What makes it a bit peculiar, however, is its design. While others were building glorious baroque and renaissance castles, this one in Monaco was built in a much more simple way. That's me, my little brother and my step sister in the last photo!

After seeing the palace it was time to wander the streets of the old town. There are tons of ice-cream stalls where you can get heavenly Italian ice-cream. We went dining in a restaurant whose name I unfortunately can't recall. So helpful, eh... But it was wonderful! The menu included a starter salad, the main course and a desert. I then decided to have a salad niçoise, spaghetti bolognese and a chocolate mousse. All this charged me only 18 euros even though we were moving in an area packed with tourists!

The Roman Catholic Sainte-Dévote Chapel was an extempore attraction. We had no plans to visit it, mainly because none of us had never heard of it. The chapel turned out to be a very beautiful, peaceful and silent one. Of course places like this are always quiet, but this one had absolutely no people although it was midday. We lit a couple of candles as you do in these places.

I just had to post lots of photos of fish! They look so nice and colourful... some even scary. Anyway, it was very interesting to follow the sealife and see so many different species of fish. This place is The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. I say this attraction is really a must-see in Monaco as it is one of a kind. One has not been to Monaco without seeing its cute fish!

Last but not least the exotic gardens are worth a visit. I can only say that this park is very aesthetic, very well-kept and peaceful. As it overlooks the sea, the view is terrific (if you don't mind the seagulls) and will give you a little break in between all the sightseeing. I already mentioned this garden in an earlier post click! I hope you people got inspired to see a lot more in Monaco, as it's not only about Monte Carlo Casino, Grand Prix and luxury yachts - even though they are pretty fine as well!

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  1. tosi mageita kuvia! noita kattellessa tuli kyllä vaan ihan hirvee matka kuume :D Onneks kohta pääsee Rodokselle niin ehkä matkakuume hieman helpottaa :D ps. tää sun blogis on tosi kiva ♥

    ♥: Sofia

    1. Kiitos ihanasta kommentista<3 haha, mä just kattelin et aika edullisesti pääsis rodokselle norwegianilla! Jospa sitä itekin eksys sinnepäin joskus:) jään kattelee jos teet vaikka postausta siitä sitten!

  2. Samaa mieltä Sofian kanssa: tosi hienoja kuvia! Tykkään erityisen paljon noista The Oceanographic Museumista otetuista kuvista :)

    Taidan jäädä seuraileen :)

    1. Kiitos! :) sieltä olis ollu vieläkin vaikka kuinka paljon kuvia, mut piti vähän rajottaa hahah!