New friends from all over Europe

My three weeks went as fast as a lightning. I made absolutely wonderful friends from many countries, who I'll probably remember for the rest of my life. I'll be thinking of you with joy, when I'm in a retirement home. Hahaha, thank you so much everybody, I love you. I've always thought, that it's such a richness to have friends in other countries. 

During my trip, this feeling only grew stronger. It's always hard to say goodbye but it just might be worth it. Amongst hundreds of people around Europe, all the cultural differences nothing else but emerged. It was amazing how united I felt with the other Finns. Our language is so weird, that many people wanted to learn it. In favour of teaching, I got to learn some extremely important Italian and German phrases
The roomies! Martina, me and Tora.
Swedish people and me going to the beach!
The SUOMIURPOS. Our little group consisting of two Finns and an Italian. Don't ask why.
The roomies! The two Italians have gone missing though :-(
 My Spanish friend and me in the classroom. She gave me a beautiful bracelet after the three weeks. I thought it was so sweet. Te echo de menos, Mariña <3
The Danish, Swedish and Finnish. Heyaaa!

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  1. Söpöjä kuvia :) Ihanat pöksyt ekassa kuvassa sulla ♥


    1. oi kiitos(-: joo noi onki yhet mun lempihousut!