EF Activities - accrobranche

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Climbing in the trees on a summer day - what a way to spend a day! Rope and tree climbing became one of my favourite activities during our trip. It's something I definitely want to do again! The only thing which made me a bit sad was, that we couldn't do to the course which would've had gliding over a lake. Perhaps it would've been too dangerous or too expensive, I really don't know. Well, the next time I get an opportunity to try climbing and gliding again, I'll take a more difficult course. Maybe the Canary Islands offer these kind of nature adventures. I really hope so!

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  1. moikka! ajattelin ehdottaa pientä ns. "yhteistyötä" ku kävit kommentoimassa mun blogia (kielimatkalle2014.blogspot.fi hohoho) nii jos mä laitan sun blogin linkin tonne mun blogin "want some more" - gadgetin alle nii laitatko mun blogin linkin jonnekki tänne sun blogii?

    ps. tyksin tästä :---) hihi

    1. kyllähän tuo käy! Voisin väkerrellä kans sellasen listan blogesita vaikkapa tuohon reunaan ef-logon alle8) hihii, kiitos:)!