Exploring the Museum of Modern Art

In MoMA there was...

...a Henri Matisse exhibition on his cut-out works. His colourful art was beautiful and original. Every piece had its own story, but especially the following was fascinating. Matisse fell in love with the divers and a swimming pool so much that he wanted to turn his living room in to one with paper! 
One morning in the summer of 1952, Matisse told his studio assistant and secretary Lydia Delectorskaya that “he wanted to see divers,” so they set out to a favorite pool in Cannes. Suffering under the “blazing sun,” they returned home, where Matisse declared, “I will make myself my own pool.”

...modern art in the classic sense of the word. Fun mixtures of colours and weird looking objects. Works for me. It's refreshing to see the kind of art which makes you think about the story behind the piece. Sometimes, you just don't figure it out but I guess it's okay.

...modern art taken to a whole new level by filming the strangest things you could possibly encounter. The TV art consisted of multiple screens, all of which were playing a peculiar video. Everything from concerts to violent and sexual scenes, which made you question the artist's mental health.

The lower photo shows a man eating the alphabet. Because, you know, why not?

...some traditional, world famous masterpieces. Van Gogh, Kahlo, Picasso... the list goes on. Starry Night was smaller than I had expected, but it was still gorgeous!

 ...art, which I didn't really understand. This blank sheet must have expressed the artist's feelings or something just as ridiculous.

 ...colourful, quirky, fun pop art! This was one of my favourites. I was surprised how small Andy Warhol's Marilyn was! And why on earth was she on a massive canvas anyway?

...a huge minesweeper and other objects. There was a room dedicated to old music and trends, which was pretty cool, to my mind.

And of course lots more art, which I didn't document through the lens. It did take time to explore the whole museum, but I think we did it quite fast. Just glanced at the ones that weren't so interesting and spent more time looking at the more captivating ones. Otherwise we would have been stuck in the museum for the whole day!

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  1. En tienykkään et kirjotat enkuks! jään mielelläni lukemaan kun tästä on mulle paljon hyötyä! :) Tosi upeita kuvia saat hei otettua! :)

    1. Oi, tosi kiva kuulla! Kiitos:) Tervetuloa vaan seuraamaan!