Trip to Tallinn Day 3

We still had time to do lots on the last day after checking out of our hostel at noon. Our plan was to roam markets and then visit either Patarei prison or the Bastion tunnels near Kiek in de Kök which we had visited the day before. But first, on our way to a Russian market, we came across this offbeat shop which had the most peculiar old items from the Second World War. Because photographing inside the shop was only allowed after paying one euro, I just settled for a photo taken from outside. And I think this was just foretaste of what we were going to see at the Russian market.

Finally we got to the Russian market which is located next to Tallinn's railway station. You could literally get anything in the whole wide world - at least that's what it felt like. I was close to buying some cute relaxed fit joggers but because you can't really be sure about the sizes, I left them hanging on their place. We saw vegetables, other groceries, underwear, clothes, toys, books, gravestones... I really wonder who would buy a gravestone in a crowded market - which, obviously, isn't something you can just pop into your pocket - after losing a loved one. I guess it takes all sorts... Since there wasn't enough people willing to see a barren prison (guided tours are only for groups consisting of 5 and up), we decided to head to the tunnels later on.

 Oh well! We didn't make to the tunnels as we got too distracted by this park and its flowers. I couldn't help but wonder how well the plants were taken care of but luckily I had a wise friend you was in the know that there was a flower festival in Tallinn at the very moment. So apparently we've been to a flower festival too! The whole area was filled with colourful flowers (what a surprise, huh), buzzing bees and quirky still lifes with statues including zombie-like figures and animals. Then we really had to get going to the tunnels and - mind you - it wasn't even all that easy because of the heat. Luckily, it would be cool over there.

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  1. Ihanan selkeä ulkoasu blogissasi! <3 Love it! :)

    ❤: Lotta / My Happybubble

    1. Voi kiitos! <3 Sitä onkin ollu hauska muokkailla :)

  2. Sulla on todella ihananoloinen blogi ja tykkään kovasti ulkoasusta:) Jotenkin ihanaa, että kirjoitat englanniksi.


  3. Kiitos! :) mä oonki miettiny, et pitäiskö kirjottaa suomeks vai englanniks vai molemmilla, mut päädyin englantiin kun on niin paljon ulkomaalaisia kavereita