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Hey everyone! Gosh it's been so warm lately, I've had absolutely no motivation to read other people's blogs or really keep mine updated, for that matter. I wanted to do a little review on the new bus company Onnibus, which started its business in Finland in the beginning of July. (I've been travelling from Kuopio to Helsinki, which is a bit less than 400km,for those of you who don't know)

+Price. Obviously. I got my first tickets for only 2€ and second ones for 25€. An average return ticket from Kuopio to Helsinki (for a student) costs around 60-70€, so this bus is just much cheaper than taking the train.
+Wi-Fi. Good to stay connected with your tablet or laptop!
+Relatively quick journey. The night bus from Matkahuolto takes nearly seven hours, whereas Onnibus takes only five and a half. Of course trains are even quicker, but the thing is no trains go at night.
+Cleanness. No rubbish in sight, woo! It remains to be seen whether the busses will stay clean later on.

-Ridiculously tiny top shelves. Be ready to hold your bag in your lap or to place it on the floor.
-Lack of space. I can only imagine how uncomfortable it must be for larger-sized people, seeing I'm petite (161cm) and couldn't help thinking how much more room I could've used.
-The seats were somewhat unconfortable. They felt a bit hard... and I really missed that little pocket in the back of the seat where you can place small items such as magazines, bottles and food. It seems like a small thing, but it has turned out to be really useful, to be honest.

-/+ Sockets. What a relief, your battery won't run out! Power supplies are few and far between on busses in Finland, so this is great. However, travelling from Kuopio to Helsinki they weren't working at all and, unfortunately, there was nothing the driver could do to fix it.

All in all, I must say that if it wasn't about the money, I would rather travel by train.
Onnibus does offer travelling for such low prices, I think I'm going to stick with it. Even though I found some down sides considering the comfort.

The reason I wanted to publish this post today is because I am now on my way to Helsinki by... *drum roll* Onnibus, once again! We're taking the night bus in order to be in Helsinki early in the morning and catch the ferry at 8.00. Wow, sounds like someone's going to be tired tomorrow. Luckily I'm not alone: I've got two awesome friends, great snacks and Spotify premium. But before I come home and tell about what we did, you guys can follow me on instagram ryhiskebaba to see some photos in real time. Adios for now! <3

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