10 memorable photos from Gran Canaria

 1  This cute cat came sitting on our terrace; the terrace where I loved to have breakfast and little breaks from the sun. The whole resort area was really well-kept as one morning, besides the cat,  there was also a man trimming a palm tree in our garden. Meow.

 2  This is the professional way to dry your jacket abroad. Tuck the sleeve in and insure that it won't fall off five times like mine did. To be used at your own risk! No seriously, I wouldn't recommend this to anybody. I was just really desperate before a dinner.

 3  We went dining in a quiet Chinese restaurant in Playa del Ingles which seemed a bit peculiar, truth be told. When my friend's food appeared, it occurred that we would be cooking it ourselves in the table. I might have been able to understand that with steaks, but this was chicken. Goodness gracious!

 4  Oh no, wait a second. On second thought, I need my sunglasses as it's way too sunny out here and I don't want my eyes to be closed. Go on, take it! No, not yet! #holidayphotoproblems

 5   Yeah, we had a good time reading the menus in Finnish. It's hard to translate the mistakes in English because of the complex grammar, but let's just say every other one is written incorrectly. But it was cute.

 6  The sexy sipping face. Or less sexy. Do I really look like that? This isn't even the only one, I think I have about three of these in my archives!

 7  This was one dried out river in Puerto de Mogan! This bridge itself was beautiful, but this truth lay beneath it.

 8  Absolutely no one at Burger King in Las Palmas! Then we saw a family of three: a mother, a father and a small child probably around 3 years old. And they happened to be.... Finnish! Wow, I just feel sooo much abroad right now. I decided to use Spanish and order an ice cream, which was great, but I couldn't catch what the cashier said. So much for that. Switching to English immediately...

 9  Trying on shoes at Primark. Primark is a shoe and bag paradise. I just love it. But apparently I didn't approve of this moment for photographing. However, I happily left the shop with new sandals, and a few more purchases. Ahem, ahem. I've got to praise the Argan Oil I bought for my hair; if it hadn't been for Primark's cheap little bottles, I wouldn't have ever bought this amazing oil at all. My hair sends love to you, whoever invented the oil!

 10  Last but not least, when taking a "unique" holiday photo like this, make sure your horrid plasters aren't ruining it. The pool looks nice... Oh well. It was the first day at the pool so we were all excited!

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  1. Gran Canaria on kyllä niin ihana paikka! Suuntaan sinne taas ensi helmikuussa! Ei malttaisi millään odottaa <3

    ♥~ www.whenyourheartbeats.blogspot.fi

    1. Se on kyllä! mukavaa matkaa sinne<3 pitää katella josko näkyis tuttuja paikkoja postauksissa sitten (:

  2. Miks en muista tuota murmelia?! Mutta, ihana postaus :) söpöjä muistoja!

    1. Haha, en olis minäkään muistanu ellen ois kattonu uuelleen läpi noita kuvia :D

  3. Eipä hirveesti auttanu koti-ikävään... :) Ihania kuvia, vielä kun malttaa joulukuuhun odotella, niin pääsee taas GC:lle! Täytyykin tsekata toi arganöljy, jos sitä kerran ihan Primarkista saa. Olen kuullut, että on toimivaa kamaa.

    1. Voi että! Kiva, että pääset kuitenkin lähtemään sinne :) Jep, primarkissa oli sellasia pieniä pulloja hintaan 2,50 - ei siis olisi ollut hirveä menetys, jos ei olisikaan ollut passeli omille hiuksille!