A bouncy boat with paragliding

Hey everyone! Haha, I should really figure out another way to start my posts... Anyway, this time I wanted to tell you about one of the best things on a beach holiday. The beach is not only about catching rays and swimming but also about exciting activities. Since I'm afraid of diving, I had to rule out all the options that involved anything to do with it. Luckily we found something else fun: paragliding! This is what we decided to do with my good friend a.k.a room mate Tora. It cost 75€/30min for two.

The whole thing started off by hopping into a boat, which was by the way wobbling recklessly the entire time. We cruised around at full speed and dragged behind us some people who were seated in a giant, rubber life buoy. At that point, I was struggling to hold onto my precious camera as the boat bounced up and down in the waves. I tried to grab onto something that would have kept me from falling out of the boat. Not to mention, we sat on the edges which were really slippery.

Tora said my face looked funny because I looked so terrified. Oh sweet memories... Before we were raised into the sky, I shouted to the men steering the boat if they could please be careful with the landing, as I didn't want to end up being underwater. It must have been hilarious because they had absolutely no intentions to drop us that low! I just had to ensure it, as usual.

High up in the sky...

...and after that down to the sea level so that we could run on the water. Cool!

It wasn't perhaps the smartest move to leave on my skirt, which got soaking wet when they lowered us down. I wouldn't mind doing this all over again but I'll see if I find some new activities in Anfi del Mar. Something similar yet different.

In any case, this is amazing. You get to see such beautiful views, just like a bird!

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  1. Much ameze, very pictures....WOW

  2. That's a wonderful experience. I must do that this summer. ;)

    1. You really should! Especially with a friend it's awesome.