Let it begin!

Hey, welcome to my blog! Here I'll mainly be babbling about travelling, food, and friends. Whatever really comes to mind. The most important thing in the short run will definitely be my three week language course to St. Raphaël, France. I'm so nervous, but happy that I'm finally going there!

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     Firstly, as most of you don't know me, I thought I'd tell a bit about myself:
  1. I'm sixteen years old and go to upper secondary school.
  2. I live in Finland, in a decent-sized city called Kuopio.
  3. I spent my early childhood years living in England.
  4. I hate mornings! There's so much more inspiration going on when the sun goes down.
  5. My favourite subjects at school are languages, maths, psychology, and philosophy.
  6. I love fashion, theatre, writing and reading.
  7. I study English, French, Swedish and Spanish.
  8. My friends are the best, but I do like to be alone as well.
  9. I hate Finland's super cold winter! Autumn's got to be the best time of the year.
  10. A dream come true would be to study abroad after I graduate from high school.
My language course starts on the 3rd of July. Ever since I started studying French - seven years ago - I've always wanted to go on a language course alone and make new friends. Still I'll probably be panicking about it so much! Luckily I have something else planned before the trip: I'm seeing Green Day at Rock the beach-festival in the end of June. Yay!

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  1. I like your blog, habib

  2. So nice to meet you Rosa and your new Blog. You will have fun in the French Riviera for sure. Looking forward to read more about it. Thank you for your comment on my Blog. I am following now on GFC and Bloglovin. Pamela

    1. Thank you so much Pamela! I'm sure I'll have fun so it's a pleasure to share my experiences.

  3. no voi pylly, kun en ossaa englantia juuri ollenkaan. suomeksi sama teksti ois jees. :c

    1. No voi:( Harkitsen kyllä sitä, että kääntäsin suomeksi saman tekstin tohon loppuun...sitten matkoilla se vaan veis aika paljon aikaa nii en tiiä:/

  4. Love your blog - followed!

    maybe follow me on bloglovin?


    1. Aww thank you !i'll check out your blog as well and probably follow you:)