Anfi Beach Club resort

What a holiday! Full of sun, sun and sun... We came back home the day before and it's just so dark here! It sure did good to escape from Finland for a moment.

Anyway, I thought I'd first show photos of the beautiful place we were staying in. It was a holiday resort called Anfi del Mar, which was founded by some Norwegian guy and therefore has a lot of Scandinavian people living there. The gardens and everything were kept in an excellent condition and the staff was really friendly. One morning we woke up to a little knocking sound  a gardener was trimming the palm tree in our backyard. Had never seen that in my life before!

We saw some turtles swimming in one of the ponds! The photo below it shows a heart-shaped island.

These swimming pools were only for the residents of Anfi resorts, but anyone could enjoy the beach, shops and restaurants Anfi del Mar offered. There were also luxury brand shops, a game hall, a pharmacy, supermarket and actually everything you needed for a perfect holiday. At least if you were willing to pay. I noticed many things were cheaper in Puerto Rico but I'll save that for later.

I don't think I have any photos inside our apartment, which is a shame. Our apartment had two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, two bathrooms and a patio.

But hey, this was just a start for this trip. I don't have anything else to tell about the place itself. I'll be working on some posts about the food (important!), the things we did and the different places we visited, which might be more interesting. I hope everyone had a lovely winter break!

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  1. Kivoja matkajuttuja, etenkin kaikki "kotisaaren" (Gran Canaria) jutut piti lukea heti!
    Iloisen pirtsakka blogi, jäänpä seurailemaan!

    1. Oi kiitos! Kanaria oli kyllä kaunis paikka ja kaiken lisäksi ainoita paikkoja, jotka ovat lähellä ja lämpimiä keskellä talveakin :D