Perfume Museum Galimard in Côte d'Azur

We dropped by at this perfume factory Parfumerie Galimard in Grasse en route from Monaco to St. Raphaël. This perfumery (later also museum) dates back to the 18th century making it the third oldest perfumery in Europe. It is known as the world's perfume capital, as a large proportion of all perfumes are manufactured here. Correct me if I am wrong, but I remember the woman saying something about 2/3 of the world's perfumes.

Visiting the museum a nice woman introduced us the world of perfumes by explaining the differences between eau de toilettes and parfums. She also told us about 'the noses', employees who are trained to distinguish over 2000 different scents. Pretty talented, huh!

The perfumes were quite cheap if you ask me. For instance, I got a 50ml perfume for thirty euros. I would have been interested in buying a smaller one but there wasn't really any. Anyhow, I have been very pleased with this summery, glittery, fruity perfume which time after time reminds me of France!

One of the most awaited trips in France had to be this one. I found it really interesting to hear the history of perfumes and their manufacturing even though I usually do not concentrate on any bits and pieces of history. I would recommend this to pretty much anyone who doesn't suffer from migraine, as the whole building had a heavy scent hovering all around.

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  1. Kommentoin nyt suomeksi muahaha :D Mut kiva lukee tämmöisiä enkuksi kirjoitettuja blogeja, varsinkin matkailuaiheisia! Tykkään hurjasti eri maista ja oon aina haaveillut matkustelemisesta vanhempana, joten näitä tosiaan tulee luettua c: Tosi miellyttävä blogi, hyvää tekstiä ja paljon kivoja kuvia :) Uusi lukija ilmoittautuu!

    Mäkin haluan Ranskaan btw, olisi niin mahtavaa nähdä sitä elämää siellä ;_;

    1. Oi kiitos kivasta kommentista! <3 Matkustelu on kyllä ihanaa vapauttavaa ja opettavaa:) Haha, jostain erinäisistä syistä oon aina päätyny matkustelemaan ranskaan. mut se on kyllä ihana maa, ei siinä!