Beaches of Anfi del Mar, Gran Canaria

So this is what Anfi del Mar's beach looks like. The sand is the most finest type you can imagine, specially brought all the way from The Caribbean to this little island lying next to Africa. The best thing ever was the supermarket, which was right next to the beach and the pools. Despite being an area buzzing with tourists, the prices in the market were very low compared to Finland's AND they had the perfect salt&vinegar crisps! Haha, the crisps really made my day.

Tomorrow it's time for my long-awaited summer holiday, which will last for 10 weeks! After my second year of upper secondary school, I'm sure I've earned my holiday! I'm planning on going to Helsinki for a weekend, attending  a rock festival in Turku and to meeting my language course friends in Uppsala, Sweden. Not to mention my ten-day twin town visit to Besançon, France about which I know nothing and studying for my matriculation exams - or A-levels as some call them -  I think I won't get bored during my holiday!

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