This Tropical Island in France

I know this is the third time I am writing about this island but I still have lots of photos. You might remember Fort Royal CLICK and Paradise Island CLICK which both tell about this island too. Oh, how I would love to go back!

I actually got a bit sentimental when we were in our boat sailing to this island. It was another warm Sunday and none of us were in a hurry. My hair was fluttering in the wind, I was surrounded by a bunch of good friends and we listened to some great music. I couldn't help but let the tears roll down my cheeks. I guess someone else was happy too as I saw an old lady dancing on the deck to the rhythm of our music.
Apparently grasshoppers can be BIG in France

This is enough from this one island, don't you think? Haha, seriously. Just look at the poor amount of text in this post! Time to leave it behind now. There are already 48 of you followers on GFC, thank you all

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  1. good memories♥ siis mitää ooksä lähössä nykkiin?! ihanaaa!

    1. jep<3 tää oli ihanaa aikaa! ja jooo lähetään tosiaan perheen kanssa:) hotelli otettin jo mut järkevät lennot pitäs löytää vielä...