Puerto de Mogan by boat

Trying to photograph crabs...  with poor success, unfortunately
On the first evening, we went to a fishing village called Puerto de Mogan by boat. It was said that the boat would have a transparent bottom, so that we could see fish through it. Nonsense, mark my words. The boat had a small window through which we could try to peek to see fish. Well, it would have been sufficient if there actually had been any fish. It was all only turquoise water. Nevertheless, the cruise and especially the  peaceful village was very nice! I'd recommend them to anyone.

After taking millions of photos of the sea, we finally arrived to Puerto de Mogan. The whole place kind of put me in mind of Monaco's old city. Beautiful flowers, old buildings and good food!

We went out eating in a restaurant (see the food over here, the first one) and bought some really cheap make-up. The place itself was so beautiful that we didn't even have to do much. Walking down the streets taking photos kept us happy.

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