Lady Gaga in Tallinn 2012

I think this food will be enough for 10 hours of queuing...I don't know? Just kidding! We had so much food that we invited some people to join our little picnic. Yet, we didn't finish it all. Luckily food wasn't very expensive in Estonia. And since we had a lot of spare time, I did my make-up while queuing. All that glittery stuff sure is gagalicious!

We spotted some really cool costumes and hats! I actually made that net thing stuffed with toys because I wanted to wear something crazy, for once. We got into the Monster Pit, which is the closest area to the stage. We sat down to wait for the two opening acts to start: Lady Starlight and The Darkness.
Now some of you might be thinking, wouldn't it have been easier to see Gaga in Finland. Well, the tickets for Finland's concert were sold out, so we had to travel to the other side of the Gulf of Finland. Doing that had it's silver lining. We met some nice Estonian people and in that way got to know lots about their life!

...and the concert!

The last songs Gaga sang surrounded by meat, as you do! She received a fan-made shirt, by the way, and wore it during the concert, which was quite cute. Must have felt awesome to see her wearing the shirt you had made just for her! I think I'll do a video about the concert later on, as well.

If you have something on your mind like post ideas or any questions, just leave them in the comment box below! Have you seen any nice live performances lately? this was in 2012...so not very recent aha

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