Pizza & Da Vinci

Milan, 2012. There are so many good reasons to travel to Italy. The food, the art, the fashion, and the people... the list goes on and on. That's why I'm only doing a short list of the sights we saw in Milan.

  1. Il Duomo.
    This cathedral is probably the most noticeable landmark of Milan. Since it's in the middle of Milan, you can't really miss it!
  2. Teatro alla Scala. This opera house has red seats with extravagant, golden details. Absolutely breathtaking. Also, there is a museum section which tells the history about opera.
  3. Sforza castle.
    A beautiful castle with lots of inner wards and places to explore.
  4. Corso Buenos Aires. This is a must for all you shopaholic girls! All the affordable shops on the same street - a real relief after roaming around the luxury shops, whose cheapest clothes have a three-digit number on their price tag
  5. La Rinascente. A huge department store with all the latest luxury fashion as well as fancy decor and delicious food.
  6. Santa Maria Della Grazie. Everyone knows Da Vinci's famous painting The Last Supper, which is from the era of Renaissance. A church called Santa Maria Della Grazie is its home nowadays. You should book the tickets about one month in advance because it's extremely popular! 
  7. Vittorio Emanuele II shopping centre. I wouldn't necessarily go shopping here but this place is definitely worth a visit because of its architecture.
  8. Museum of Leonardo Da Vinci. All the incredible inventions of Da Vinci in the same museum. You might want to spare some time going through it because this building is b i g.

Vittorio Emanuele II

Il Duomo

restaurant il Marchesino next to the theatre la Scala

shopping at Corso Buenos Aires

Castello Sforzesco - Sforza castle

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