Pebble beach paradise

Good day everyone!

I'm pretty excited how it's getting sunnier all the time. Spring is coming slow but sure. More importantly, the 28th of February is nearly here! And what's special about that? Because on that day my friend and I will be going to the Canary Islands with my mum and her husband! It's really a dream come true getting out of Finland in the middle of the winter. You know, you kind of get fed up with the -20°C weather and all the warm clothes.

But hey, I wanted to show you something guys. Just in case you find yourself in the French Riviera, I still want to share some of the beautiful places there. This pebble beach is called Les Roches Rouges, which got its name from the huge, red massifs around the area. I tried googling it but the only results were hotels called Roches Rouges and some occasional photos of the cliffs. Location: near St. Raphaël, near camping le Dramont.

île d'Or - the island of gold

...and finally a small campfire by the seaside! We had to put it out, though, because it happened to be illegal to set a fire at the beach. 

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