Chinatown & Little Italy

_SAM8355 I think Chinatown and Little Italy were on my to-do list right from the beginning. Even though they are pretty much packed with tourists, it was a nice little change to see different cultures blended in in New York. And as an Italian food lover what would have been a better place to find pasta than Little Italy! (Well, perhaps Italy) We went on a three-course dinner in the first restaurant we came across and weren't disappointed. At least I know I wasn't. I just made a rookie mistake and ordered something I wasn't sure about; I should have know that mushrooms are a crucial part of the Portobello salad. Haha. Besides the mushrooms it was great 

I would love to tell long exciting stories about these neighbourhoods but I think that's about it- We wandered for a while after eating in the restaurant and left after that. Before leaving I wanted to buy something I couldn't find in Finland, so I decided it was time to step inside one of the Asian shops.Most of them looked like they sold meat in any form and some guy was casually delivering livers in a plastic bucket with no lid on. I guess that's how things roll over there.


We found a Japanese shop and of course it sold the cutest Hello Kitty candy. A little girl inside me wanted the cute stuff, so I just had to have it!

4 kommenttia:

  1. Looks so interesting! And the food looks delicious (even though I'm more of a meat-person)!

    1. Oh yes, the food was good! And I just realised I didn't have any meat even though I'm not a vegetarian :-D

  2. Olet todella taitava valokuvaaja! Ihania kuvia ja voi kun on herkullisen näköisiä ruokia! :P Tulee ihan vesi kielelle...

    1. Oi kiitos paljon! pitäs kyllä hankkia uus kamera, tuo on vähän onneton:D Ne oli kyllä tosi hyviä, suosittelen käymään tuolla jos new yorkissa pyörii:)