Weird situations while travelling #1

Reminiscing one of our nights in Puerto Rico really brings smile on my face. I could say that it makes me laugh hysterically rather than just smile if I really start to think about it.

So what happened then?
After having a great dinner my friend and I wanted to relax and sit down somewhere. So we just strolled until we found a perfect empty bench in the middle of the park, which was simply crying out to be sat on. Well, the two of us didn't get to sit there for very long because an old Canarian man came along. It would've been normal if he hadn't been wearing white clothes from head to toe, carrying around a metal detector and riding a bicycle full of small flags. Nicely put... the whole apparition looked a bit out of this world.

centre of Puerto Rico

So he started telling us about his life by showing us how his metal detector works and some necklaces he had found with the help of it. Our communication was more non-verbal, because no one knew which language to talk. I think the only question he asked clearly in English was "do you smoke marijuana?" Unfortunately he had to deal with a lot of headshakes and no-nos as an answer from us. Suddenly he started raking up his backpack and took up a little bag. I was certain that he had something dangerous inside it, as the whole situation was completely random. Well I was wrong. This guy took out his recorder and started playing it!

Restautant la Bolera in Puerto Rico
I've studied Spanish for about two years and decided that it was the perfect time to practice it a bit - even if this man was a bit weird. I told him I had played the recorder for some years when I was a little girl. You should have seen how he got excited! So he began to tell us in Spanish how he loves to go to the mountains in the morning, play his recorder and sing over there with his six little dogs. This fellow even listed their names - from what I can remember, one of them was called Coco. Tenemos que irnos ahora, lo siento, adios. It was time for us to leave, for we didn't want to spend the whole night with this weird man.

This must be one of my most random memories from travelling. It's these kinds of things that make travelling so unique. Anddd that's why I'll share more of them whenever I can.

What's the most random thing you have experienced during your holiday? 

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  1. sulla on tosi kiva blogi!! ite matkustelen kans paljon ja bloggaan matkoilta :)


    1. Kiitti! Käyn kattelee sunkin tarinoita(:

  2. Oivoi ihana oli tuo pappa! Eksyin tänne pitkästä aikaa lukemaan. Hieno myös tää uus ulkoasu. Tuo vika kuva tosin karmiva :D haha no ei sellasten puerto rico iltojen jälkeen aina parhaimmillaan ollu…

    1. Hahaha, omituinen pappa se oli :D kiva ku eksyit! no joo ei se pahimmasta päästä onneks oo :'D