Politics in European Youth Conference

These two previous days were something really different. Not only was it weird to travel to Helsinki on a Tuesday afternoon, but staying in a hotel room with people I didn't know in advance was a bit strange. Luckily the two other girls were very nice and we became friends during our stay!

On the first day we got precious information from interesting visitors such as MEPs, one of  Finland's ministers Alexander Stubb and an ambassador from Greece. We also followed a panel discussion by some young candidates. I must say that this discussion was impressive! The main topics on the heated debate were taxation, marketing and the value of euro.

On the second day it was our time to shine. We had the whole day to discuss nuclear power in five different political parties, which were given to us beforehand. Mine was ALDE, the Alliance of Liberal Democrats for Europe. After reaching consensus in our little group it was time for a real debate between all the parties. During a break we talked to other parties and decided to coalesce with EPP and ECR. Nearly all of our decisions were approved, which was great! The best of all was the visit of a Finnish MEP, Liisa Jaakonsaari, to whom was given our new modified directive.

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