Feast of Flavours ‒ Food from Gran Canaria

Chinese chicken and vegetables
Tuna with canary potatoes, vegetables and mussels
Canarian sauces: mojo verde and mojo picón
Grouper fish with canary potatoes
Tapas time
Tapas pizza with prawns, tuna, olives, ham and tomato

The better the food, the happier! We usually went out eating to Puerto Rico, which was a few minutes' taxi drive away from Anfi del Mar. A restaurant we visited twice was La Bolera. It had exquisite seafood and the old people dancing to the rhythm of live music outside were kind of cute. In nearly every restaurant the menus were translated into God knows how many languages! One of them was Finnish, so we had fun looking at the translations that were  well  not so terrific.

I have to admit that mussels aren't really my cup of tea, but I had to try them again because we don't eat them that much around here. On the contrary, something I found really good were the bananas. I eat them nearly every day in Finland so I couldn't help noticing how much juicier they were at Gran Canaria!

Salmon with canarian potatoes
Grilled king prawns with rice and french fries
Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet food
Last day's breakfast at Anfi...
...which also had a chocolate fountain...
...and some other delicacies!

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    1. Absolutely. And the food was cheap, too!

  2. Everything looks so very delicious, I wish I could taste all of these as well!