On a Mountain at Gran Canaria

So this was our little trip to a small, nearby mountain. Because the temperature would rise between 10 and 11 AM and it would be HOT, we were forced to head out hiking early so that we won't be exhausted. Still I don't regret a second of it even though I felt tired. In fact, I would have been ready to go on a longer, more difficult route. Since this mountain was close to our apartment, we just tried it without thinking of other options. The view was fascinating; I could have spent the whole day hiking and taking photos but sunbathing sounded too tempting!

I liked that the route was marked with red letters, which made it much easier to navigate in the area. Below is an obligatory selfie I took just before the peak!

And finally there! Somehow I manage to find this small, curious girl inside of me when I hit the road. I have always got to try something I have never done before. And that's one of the best things about travelling - you get to do things you wouldn't have done home. Even if they are small things, you just might notice that you got yourself some unforgettable memories. 

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