Las Palmas Gone Wrong

There was a day when we decided to have a day off and go to Las Palmas for some serious shopping. Everything was fine. Sitting in the bus and thinking of all the shops we could go to when we get there.

When we finally got there, we asked for a couple of maps from the info desk. A woman gave us few maps and kindly pointed out where we were at the moment. But when I asked how we could get to the shopping centre Las Arenas the easiest way, the woman looked at me strangely and calmly noted that all the shops were closed because of the carneval. Excuse me?! We couldn't believe it. In other words, we had just traveled for an hour only to hear that the shops were closed in Las Palmas.

I decided to check this piece of information from another desk and we heard the same words: "Yes, all the shops are closed. Come back tomorrow or any other day" It was relieving to hear that we could go shopping later on this week, but at the same time extremely annoying that we had chosen this very day and come up all the way to Las Palmas.

This was the reason for our cancelled shopping day!
So we headed to the nearest McDonald's to sit down and think of a plan b. I ordered a Kitkat McFlurry but it suddenly lost its delicious taste and the ice-cream became something I just shoved into my mouth.

"Playa del Inglés. Let's go there," my stepfather suggested. Well, what could we say. We didn't want to stay in Las Palmas, that was for sure. We didn't even feel like waiting for a bus, so we took a taxi to a "shopping centre" called Yumbo which was in Playa del Inglés.

Can you see the difference between the weather of Las Palmas and Inglés? It's unbelievable. Travel for only 45 minutes from Las Palmas and the cloudy spring weather will turn into a blazing heat. All's well that ends well, it was nice seeing a new place and buying some mini cactus souvenirs for Finland!

I'm doing a frequently asked questions post about EF language courses, because I get asked lots of questions about my trip.
If you have something in your mind, do not hesitate to ask!
I will be doing this post in Finnish because obviously it's the Finns who have been asking me different sorts of things. I will, however, answer in English as well :)

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