PARIS part 1!

Paris. The city of love. A place where I'd always wanted to go.

Even with a tour guide from hell, to say the least, our three two and a half  days in Paris were awesome. A group of around forty Finnish teens squirreling around in the Parisian underground, barely able to spot their trustful leaders' pink EF t-shirts among the huge crowd.

The arrogant French guide was walking somewhere miles away. To top it of, the first thing we saw in the underground was an orchestra playing fast-paced music by violins. This really was a comedy scene to die for!

This is when we got a bit too tired of waiting for the Eiffel tower. It was around 1-2 hours of queuing, plus all the hassling around a stolen wallet of our friend's and what else... Anyway, the Eiffel was worth all the waiting.

We heard that some had got stuck on the third floor because the lift wasn't working. Luckily they got out after about a half an hour and we all finally returned safely to the hotel at around 2:00 AM.

And here is some of the art near the Pompidou centre. Wow. Too much to say about this beautiful place called Paris. All I know is I've got to get there again.

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  1. Voi ei, niin ihania muistoja ja nytte jo on nii ikävä tota reissua♥ äää ja ihania kuvia sulla! Mullaki on susta&meistä kaikkia kivoja kuvia niin pitää täs lähettää tosiaan ku kerkee :))

    1. Voii kiitos Iina:--) Laitan tässä toiseen postaukseen vielä lisää! Oli kyllä ihan mahtavaa, voi että<3