Rocking the beach in Helsinki

+28℃, it's an extremely sunny day in Helsinki. Just perfect for catching a few rays! I thought it couldn't get any better, but boy how wrong I was. Oh, did I mention there was a rock festival? Quite smart actually to combine the beach and the music! This is what made the day so memorable.

The location
Two big stages on the beach, right by the water. Hietaniemi is a perfect place! Just a jump into the sea and everything's okay until the next performance. Alot of gente loca running to and fro the stages, making the sand spread into our eyes. Not such a good thing with contact lenses, ouch.

© Lotta Miettinen

Great live music
Played so loudly and showed on so big screens, you could feel the music right from the front to the back row. Billy Talent, All Time Low and Gaslight the Anthem were pretty good even from the far behind.

Green Day
Needn't say no more. One of my absolute favourite bands. The toilet paper gun, shooting GD t-shirts and all the clowning around and those heeey-ohhs, I bet you'd love their show!

The atmosphere
Relaxed, happy people feeling the freedom. Everyone forgets about their troubles. Small bruises and make-up smudges don't matter a bit. Once in a while it starts to rain, but not many seem to care. Suddenly the area teems with tons of pink, disposable raincoats. My friend and I decide to be without them. #yolo

I've got to thank the organizers and staff of Rock the beach-festival. All the little things like the toilets, water points and stalls functioned really well. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making it possible! Hopefully next year it'll be as awesome!

Ughh, there was some technical glitch and my blog's template went all crazy. I already fixed it mostly, but it might look slightly weird:(

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  1. Amazing photos :) beautiful location ;)

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    1. Thank you :-) I'll go look at your blog!

  2. Kivoja kuvia ja vaikuttaa hyvälle tää sun blogis! Rupesin lukemaan ja on kyl hyvä et kirjotat englanniksi oppii itekkin, kun pitää suomentaa tää päähän :D Itse kun pitäisi parantaa englannin kieltä!

    1. Oi kiitos paljon! (: jep, tää on kyllä hyvää englannin harjoitusta:-D